Month: June 2013

  • Titanic

    I was watching the movie Titanic last night.  There was a scene where Jack went to dinner with Rose and “her class.”  Then he took her to “his class” for a party.  It was like a light went on.  I realized I am Jack’s class.  I like Jack’s class.  Jack’s class has fun.  Rose’s class is stuffy and proper and thinks that appearance is more important than being real.

    Given the choice I will stick with Jack and have a fun life.

    Unfortunately life seems to stick me with Rose and her gang and I find it extremely stressful.  I should be grateful.

    Lord help my attitude through this week.

  • Recycling

    So do you think the labels on products that states it is made from recycled Capri Sun juice pouches supposed to make

    • me feel good about being so pro-active?
    • me want to buy it because it’s “green”?
    • me guilty if I go with the new content product?
    • them justify their high price?
    • me wonder just who recycles Capri Sun juice pouches? (they aren’t accepted at any recycling center in this huge city)

    As a member of our Homeowners Association Board of Directors I looked into having curbside recycling for our subdivision.  Wow.  What an eye-opening experience.  First off it costs quite a bit to get them to start it up and they want a contract for a certain number of years.  Then the price of our monthly service would go up which creates quite a stir in the neighborhood.  We have a few who say, “I’ll pay up to $25 a month more for recycling.” and more that say, “I won’t pay one more cent for recycling because they are getting the benefit of my trash.”  Then in an attempt to justify the cost to the homeowners I looked into what it really costs the trash company and discovered that they sell the recycling items to a company that sorts them and …… about half of everything they collect gets thrown away and ends up in the landfill.  So how does the trash company justify the extra charges (more than needed to cover the collection cost)?  I’ve decided through guilt.  You are a bad person if you don’t recycle.

    Myself I am just reducing my use of plastic.  I have gone to almost all glass at the new house.  I am slowly going to glass at the old house.  I can’t justify tossing stuff just to buy new though.  When it breaks or dies that’s fine but I’m not going to toss if it’s still usable.

    Thinking green….. today both Walmart and Target were HOT inside and they were dark, about half-lit.  Signs on the door said that due to an expected peak electric usage they were cutting demand by reducing air conditioning and lights.  The lack of A/C was okay since it was still cooler inside than it was outside but the dark was weird.  It was like twilight in aisle 9….

    For my one or two faithful readers…. okay, maybe one?…. rumor is that Xanga will be shutting down.  Seems they didn’t keep up with the technology.  They are currently trying to raise money to upgrade their platform etc etc.  They are about 1/2 way to their goal with a month to go.  Not sure they’ll make it and I’m not one to jump in and contribute.  :)   I’ll download my archives and call it good at the end of the run.   We shall see.  Maybe they’ll make their goal.

  • Dive Group




    These are the folks I spent a week underwater with.  And we all came back to talk about it.




  • Daria’s Dance Recital




    Daria ready for her first dance recital.  She did a beautiful job and is quite graceful. 

    She must get it from her father’s side of the family.  :)

    This was her “sassy” costume.  She did a dance to the song “I Like Candy”





  • I thought of Shane when I read about this.

    I read about making a summer treat for your dogs to help them deal with the heat.  Freeze water and chicken stock with toys, carrots, treats, etc to keep dogs from getting bored and overheated in the backyard.   I wonder if my cats would like it.  Most likely they would just turn their noses up and let it sit and then my yard would smell like rotting salmon or something….

  • June 6, 1944

    Today is D-Day.

    D-Day.  69 years ago brave men, fighting for people they would never meet invaded the European continent at Normandy.  They went to defend and set free people they would never know.  It changed the course of the world.  It changed everything.

    I wonder how they teach it in schools today.  Our society is so politically deranged that you can’t even mention guns or weapons and war is always portrayed as evil.  How do they teach the bravery and the sacrifice of these men?  How do they teach a just war?  I hope and pray that they do acknowledge it truthfully.  That political correctness has not removed it from the history books.

    For all the men who gave their lives for freedom.  Thank you.  For the families that gave their loved ones to defeat evil.  Thank you.  For those that supported at home through daily life.  Thank you.  Because of these people my life as it is has been possible.  I do not like to consider the alternative.

  • Dive Video

    This is a video I made of different dives we did in Cozumel.  It is about 7 minutes long.  Fish, Coral, SHARK!, and swim throughs (not caves because you can see the light at the end of the tunnel…. I would NOT do a cave)