Month: March 2013

  • Trafalger, Indiana

    I was looking up some information on Trafalger Square and hit enter on my search before I got square typed in.  It took me to Trafalger, Indiana.  Located about 20 miles outside of Indianapolis it appears that the most happening thing in Trafalger is that it is home to the transmitter for WTTV-TV.  Their high school is named the Indian Creek High School.  The home of the Braves.  I wonder if the massive population of slightly over 1000 will bow to political correctness and abandon the mascot of a First American (at our last foray into Pueblo-land we were informed that not only is the term Indian not allowed, Native American is also going out of vogue and many prefer the term First American).   Maybe the good people of Trafalger don’t care about political correctness.  Now wouldn’t that be wonderful.  It would make me want to visit Trafalger.

  • Probably a repeat, but worth the repeat.

    Three men were hiking through a forest when they came upon a large raging, violent river.

    Needing to get to the other side, The first man prayed: “In the name of God be gracious unto your servant and grant me strength to cross the river.”

    Poof! God gave him big arms and strong legs and he was able to swim across in about 2 hours, although he almost drowned twice.

    After witnessing that, the second man prayed: “In the name of God be gracious unto your servant and grant me strength and the tools to cross the river.”

    Poof! God gave him a rowboat and strong arms and strong legs and he was able to row across in about an hour, although he almost capsized once.

    Seeing what happened to the first two men, the third man prayed: “In the name of God be gracious unto your servant and grant me the strength, the tools and the intelligence to cross the river.”

    Poof! He turned into a woman and promptly checked the map, hiked one hundred yards upstream and walked across the bridge.

  • It’s back!

    My short hair is back!  I am feeling like myself again.  I gave the long hair a good year’s try and nope, it’s just not me.  And my hair is so much happier to be short.  I can just feel it bouncing with joy.


    Today I was told I was “Aunt Betty” from Garrison Keillor’s stories.  I think it was meant as a compliment but I’m pretty sure that Aunt Betty is a crazy lady.  I’m going to have to find a recording or book with her in it to fully understand what I’m being compared to.


  • It’s really not so odd

    I bought a chair today.  A chair for one of our bathrooms.  Everyone reacted with “A CHAIR FOR THE BATHROOM?” but I have to admit that it really is nice.  A nice place to sit and put on your socks or rest your tush if you are avoiding people (although I never do that by hiding in the bathroom, I just leave… lol).  I think it looks nice too.  It’s orange.  And I have green rugs.  The tile is brown.  It looks good.  And I like it.  So there!

    Cora and her kiddos came down to the new house and checked it out.  Daria kept saying… wow, they live a LONG way away.  Yes, it is.  But only for three days sweetie, only three days a week.  Grandma couldn’t handle it for more than that.

    A positive today after yesterday’s discovery that no CAT-5 wiring or telephone lines in the house worked…. we actually got the fridge delivered!  Yay for cold food!  If I had any food in the house that is.

  • Grandbaby #9 Gender Reveal

    Hannah and Chris found out the gender of their baby.  Hannah went for her ultrasound and everything looked good.  She had the tech write down the sex of the baby on a card and seal it in an envelope but not tell her.  The tech didn’t even write it in the report so the Dr. wouldn’t slip up and tell her.  At dinner that night they opened it together so they would be surprised at the same time.

    It’s a girl!

    They are naming her Margaret.


  • Grandkid therapy

    I needed grandkid therapy today.  And dirt therapy.  I got both.

    The situation with the house is not good.  Pretty sure we will end up in arbitration or court over it.  Today I actually cried over it, the last straw and this camel’s back is broken.  To give you an idea of what we are upset about here is a picture of the floors.  Now remember they are new floors and they messed them up.  They admit they did.  They did it while we were in closing.

    So I came home after they didn’t show up to repair the floors and played with grandkids.  Fergal and I helped his mom and dad build a new garden bed.


    Run Fergal Run!

    And then I decided to take some pictures of my yard.  The azaleas are especially full and beautiful this year.

    Guess who is getting oranges this year!  Yay!

    The Phlox is in bloom.

    My azaleas are really full this year.

    This bush has so many blooms it’s hard to even find leaves.

    Pretty pink azaleas.  Azaleas are about the only time I like the color pink.

    Busy bees.

    Gerbera Daisies playing in the sprinklers.


  • Update

    Well I wish I could say our whole house buying week went well.

    It has not.

    We closed.

    The seller was “cleaning the floors” when we did our final walk-through.

    To make a long story, a long-long story short.

    They destroyed the floors by using the wrong product and then made it worse by using a second wrong product to try to fix it.

    We are in negotiations about repairs or replacement of the wood floors.

    I am NOT a happy camper.

    Good thing it’s green beer day.  Oh wait, I don’t like beer…..

  • It’s time to run again!

    Once again I will be running to raise money for brain cancer research.

    In 1982 my mom died from brain cancer.  I can’t even tell you what “type” of cancer it was, at that time it was just plain old cancer.  And it took my mom.  This year I will turn 54, the same age my mom was when she died.  I am only now recognizing how incredibly young she was.

    Please consider donating to the Marnie Rose foundation in honor of my mom or anyone else you might know who has dealt with brain cancer.

    You can donate to our team, Team Margaret here

    . Click on a team member’s name to give them credit for the donation or the Team’s General Donation link for a team donation.

    Thank you! (and may the speediest family member win!)

  • Choices

    There is this billboard on the highway I often drive.  It is of a beautiful young girl with a rather pouty look on her face.  Young and fresh faced yet seductive.  Purposely so.  The billboard advertises the “Joy Gentlemen’s Club”.  Read strip joint.

    I read a story about a young girl that had gone missing a couple of years ago and her family had been searching for her.  They were told she was most likely dead as there had been no activity on her cell phone and there were other tell-tale signs that foul play had taken place.  One day they were driving down the road and spotted their daughter on a billboard advertising a phone “companion” service.  Read phone sex.  They immediately called and got the police involved and it turned out the company located in another state had just bought her photo as part of a package of stock photos.  The police determined the company had no knowledge of the girl.  The family was devastated that the picture of their daughter was now a fifteen foot image in their city and was used to advertise sexual services.  They failed in their attempts to get the company to remove the advertisement and have since discovered their daughter’s image has been used online on several porn sites.

    Tonight driving by that sign I wondered about the young lady pictured on the billboard.  Did she choose to have her image used in such a manner?  If so I wonder what her family thinks of it.  I can’t imagine being a mom and showing my daughter’s picture and saying proudly, “she’s the top performer on the pole at her club and she might even get promoted to a cage…..”

    On a different topic I discovered the worst feature of the new house.  It is only three blocks from Mission Burrito.

  • My weekend




    Was filled with these two little blessings.