Month: July 2013

  • An we have another month

    It appears we have another month to sit and wait to figure out if Xanga is going to survive or not.  And if it does it becomes a paid venue, at which point I disappear….  BUT wait…. if you are a life member, which I am there might be a perk or two of a year of “free”….. BUT wait ….. etc etc.

    I don’t know if the drama is worth staying around.  Not like I have community here, but I do have all my blogging here from the past … um eight years or so?  Of course except for one post I pretty much don’t care about them… so………….

    Maybe I ought to just cut the cord.

    It’s a negative day towards Xanga.  lol

    Today I have Cadence for the day.  She was quite anxious to avoid daycare today.  It has become a horrible experience for her.  So I’m watching her and taking her up to the Tomball house to swim with her cousins.  I also get Fergal to watch while Hannah does her pre-registration at the hospital.  Now that should be fun…. not quite sure where I’ll take the two of them during that time since we are meeting at the hospital.  I’m thinking gurney races in the halls…….

  • Who Are You? Who Who? Who Who?

    Who the heck from Florida still reads my blog regularly?  I can come up with several possibilities but I’m not sure which one to “accuse” since the footprint only says Florida.

    Care to fess up?  Since Xanga is probably going to go bye-bye I might start a new one (boring as I am) and if you are that desperate for sleep inducing material I can let you know where I go, if I know who you are.  lol



  • Hah! I can’t do math

    8 grandkids.

    4 girls

    4 boys

    That puts girls in the lead because it takes two men to equal one woman…. so….. yup, girls still in the lead….




  • Drum roll

    Introducing  Katrina Elizabeth Sevruk.

    Arrived around 8 pm 7-17-13. 

    She has dark hair and looks like her mama!

  • Photos

    To kill time as we wait for that baby to arrive… pictures!

    Fergal ate breakfast with me while his mama went to her Dr. appt.  Two weeks from a little sister for this guy.

    He is a spittin’ image of his daddy.

    Daria got her first piano lesson today.


    Savva has learned to pose.  He loves pictures.

    Daria showing her “pretty” face.

    Waiting for their baby brother or sister to arrive.  Yes, mom is in labor but these kids are oblivious to it…. as well they should be.

    Peek a boo Grandma!

     Fergal loves the tunnel. 

    Cora.  July 17, 2013.  Hopefully the last day she looks like this.  Baby is working to put in an appearance but not rushing things much…. that kid has no idea how anxious we all to find out who they are!  Twelve hours of labor and counting.

    Edit:  Katrina Elizabeth Sevruk arrived about 8 pm.  :)   She puts the girls in the majority!

  • Hmmm

    Couldn’t get to the blog this morning and thought that it was just shut down.  I figure that is how it will happen.  But until then… here I am.

    Actually I am at Cora’s house.  Labor has progressed and I am the keeper of the kids while she does all the work.  Grandbaby #8 on the way.  Hopefully before midnight…. I turn into a slug at midnight.  Daria and Savva would find it disturbing to wake up to a slug in the house.



  • Are we still here?

    Well Xanga may still be here today on the day that we were told it was shutting down but I’m not sure that many people are here.  The “roll-out” or attempt to save Xanga has been extremely poorly run.  I’m convinced that the people who run Xanga really don’t want it to succeed.  If they did they would be a bit more visible.  I hear that Xanga Hong Kong is the big site anyway…. and I find the Hong Kong trolls annoying.

  • The end?

    Well I am thinking that Xanga will go under and I can’t say I’m too surprised.  They didn’t have a good business model set up and now I find out that this doesn’t even make the folks running it money, it’s a “side thing” or so it appears.  So…. I doubt that the Xanga team is working too hard to keep it up and running.  Their fund-raiser has been poorly run and not a priority so this blog may soon disappear. I am told the 15th is the last day if they don’t raise the money needed.

    I haven’t decided what to do if it does go.  I could start a new one.  But is my heart really in it?  Does the world need to know the inner workings of my mind?  Um….. no. 

    I downloaded my archives and looked back at when I first started this blog.  I wrote as my cat.  Yes, the cat wrote the blog and she was much more insightful than I am.  Maybe the cat should start writing again.


  • Sheesh

    I should be banned from writing emails after a certain hour.  I am such a whiner.

  • I survived

    Puerto Rico.

    I need some honest evaluation.  I think I’ll be asking a few folks their honest opinion.

    You are warned.  :)